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    The name Parsons may refer to:

    Places and institutions

    In the United States: Parsons The New School for Design in New York City
    Parsonsburg, Maryland
    Parsons, Tennessee
    Parsons, California
    Parsons, Kansas
    Parsons, West Virginia
    Camp Parsons, a Boy Scout camp in the state of Washington
    Parsons College, a college formerly located in Fairfield, Iowa, that closed in the 1970s

    In Canada: Parsons Road, Edmonton, Alberta


    Parsons as a surname has an occupational meaning, and refers to a parson's servant or a person that worked in the parson's house. Another meaning of the surname is the parson's son.

    Alan Parsons
    Albert Parsons
    Alibe Parsons
    Andy Parsons
    Benny Parsons
    Betty Parsons, New York art dealer
    Bob Parsons
    Charles Parsons (philosopher)
    Charles Algernon Parsons, engineer, best known for his invention of the steam turbine
    Chick Parsons
    Don Parsons
    Drew Parsons
    Elsie Clews Parsons, anthropologist
    Eric Parsons
    Ernie Parsons
    Estelle Parsons
    Frances Theodora Parsons, American botanist
    Francis Newton Parsons, British war hero
    Frank Parsons
    Gary Parsons
    Gene Parsons
    Geoffrey Parsons, several people
    George Parsons, English shipbuilder
    George Parsons (ice hockey), professional ice hockey player
    Gram Parsons, American country rock singer and songwriter
    Hardy Falconer Parsons, British war hero
    Jack Parsons, American rocket scientist and occultist, also known as: Marvel Whiteside Parsons, John Whiteside Parsons
    James Parsons (disambiguation)
    John Parsons (criminal), American criminal
    John T. Parsons, American engineer
    Johnnie Parsons, American race car driver
    Johnny Parsons, American race car driver
    Jonathan Parsons, American clergyman
    Karyn Parsons
    Keith Parsons
    Kelly Parsons
    King Parsons
    Lawrence Parsons, 4th Earl of Rosse
    Les Parsons
    Lewis B. Parsons, Sr., a New York merchant for whom Parsons College is named
    Lewis B. Parsons, Jr., American Civil War officer
    Lewis E. Parsons, Provisional Governor of Alabama
    Louella Parsons, American gossip columnist
    Longineu Parsons
    Lucas Parsons
    Lucy Parsons
    Lynn Parsons
    Matt Parsons, Australian rugby league footballer
    Michael Parsons
    Mosby Parsons, American military officer
    Nancy Parsons, American actress
    Nic Parsons, Student at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN
    Nicholas Parsons, English actor, radio and television presenter
    Phil Parsons
    Preston Parsons
    Reginald Parsons
    Richard Parsons (businessman), CEO of CitiGroup, former CEO of Time Warner
    Robert Parsons (composer), an English composer of the 16th century
    Robert Parsons (Jesuit), English Jesuit priest
    Russ Parsons
    Samuel Holden Parsons (1737-1789) American army officer
    Samuel Parsons, landscape architect
    Sarah Parsons
    Sidney Parsons (1893 – 1955) Canadian politician
    Talcott Parsons, American sociologist
    Ted Parsons
    Theophilus Parsons, Massachusetts secessionist
    Tony Parsons, several people
    Torrence Parsons, American mathematician
    Tracy Parsons, Canadian politician
    Vic Parsons
    William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse, astronomer
    William Barclay Parsons, civil engineer
    William Sterling Parsons


    Parsons Brinckerhoff, engineering firm headquartered in New York City
    Parsons Corporation, engineering firm headquartered in Pasadena, California
    Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Company, company founded by Charles Parsons to build marine steam turbines
    C. A. Parsons and Company, company founded by Charles Parsons to build turbo-generators
    Parsons Woodwinds, Cottage Rental and Apartment Rental Accommodations, Tenants Harbor Maine [http://www.woodwindsofmaine.com/]
    Parsons Music, a major musical instrument retailer in HongKong and China[http://www.parsonsmusic.com/]
    Parsons Pipe Organ Builders, a manufacturer of tracker organs in Canandaigua, NY [http://www.parsonsorgans.com/]

    Other uses

    Lillie Parsons, a wrecked ship in the St. Lawrence Seaway
    Parsons code, a system of music notation based on melodic motion, used to identify a musical work
    Tom Parsons, a minor character in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four
    Ellen Parsons, one of the main characters in the TV Series Damages (Wikipedia)


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