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Womaniser or womanizer may refer to:

Womaniser, promiscuous human male
"Womanizer" (song) by Britney Spears (Wikipedia)


Wikileaks first came online in 2007, promising any individual a forum to anonymously publish previously classified, hidden or sensitive documents and make them publicly available. The idea was relatively simple: given the viral nature of the Internet - and the ease of duplicating digital documents - once secret information was published, it could never become secret again.
Nuclear power is produced by harnessing the heat produced by the splitting of atoms inside uranium — a process known as fission. Rods packed with uranium are submerged into water, and the heat produced by the nuclear reaction creates steam, which is used to power turbines that produce electricity.
The accepted convention among those working in the intelligence field defines covert action or covert operations as a government effort to change the economic, military, or political situation in a foreign country or territory in a hidden way. Clandestine action is the more “traditional” form of espionage or intelligence activity.
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